A Wedding Tradition

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May 5, 2015

A Wedding Tradition

Groom's wedding flower

Groom’s wedding flower

It’s all about the details. Boutonnieres should not be an after thought when thinking about your wedding flowers. Not only do they identify members of the bridal party but they are a wedding tradition dating way back to the 1700’s. The word boutonniere is a French word when translated means buttonhole. These elegant touches should match the color and theme of the wedding. For example, if your wedding colours are shades of pink and ivory then the colour of the boutonniere should be one of those two. In addition, when I make a boutonniere I match the groom’s bout to the brides bouquet and the groomsmen to the bridesmaids’. Boutonnieres are also worn during other formal events such as prom and usually match the corsage of his date.

The theme for the photo above was Vintage Glam, Sage is wearing a bright pink rose with rice flower, a bit of lace and accent greenery. To jazz it up I wrapped the stem with blue ribbon and studded it with a crystal pin and a added a vintage brooch. It compliments his dark blue suit and pink hanky and neck tie. The overall look is very dapper.

The most common flowers used for buttonholes are roses, calla lilies and orchid because they are hardy flowers, but whatever you choose sky is the limit. Boutonnieres are worn on the left lapel and are either pinned on the lapel or through the buttonhole. The greenery is usually pinned at the back.

All in all a boutonniere is a fashion accessory that should be included in your budget for your wedding flowers. Remember it is his special day too!

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