Earth To Table Flower Arrangements

A creative florist with a passion for transforming flowers into works of arts

After perusing a traditional education and career, I decided it was time to fulfill my creative interests and love of nature. I enrolled in a night school class in Basic Floral Arranging which basically got my feet wet in floristry as it was geared for people who wanted to arrange flowers as a hobby.

This was just the beginning, shortly after I found a local Brampton florist who was willing to train me in flower care and handling, floral design and technique. After training with her for a few months, I was then confident to join other florists in advanced classes at the Canadian Floral Institute of Design in Toronto.

Being a florist is more than just arranging flowers; it is taking cut flowers and transforming them into works of art that become pleasing to the eye.

My floral creations are unique to my clients.  A bride’s bouquet should tell a story and an arrangement should be customized with you in mind.

I’ve been lucky to meet people that just get my passion and are open to try something a little different. I listen to my clients and they also trust me to provide them with suggestions and ideas in planning floral details for their wedding, corporate and social events. There’s no better satisfaction than having customers choosing Elegant Bouquets to be part of their life milestones.

I always strive to be inspired. My passion for flowers, colours, and innovative floral design is evident in my creations.

Amidst our busy lives we should find the time to stop and smell the roses!



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